About Us

We happen to be the most sought after brand amongst the varied choices available in automation market over the years we made change a milestone to be achieved in every aspect of our automated world. In a world where automation and innovation go hand in hand .We make sure that we periodically improvise our products so that our clients receive the best.

Our journey to success has come with features on our cap...

ISO 9001 standards,UL(US) certification & National award for the outstanding manufacturer has been achieved after covering the whole country and our presence was felt in the global market EAPL sets its standard much higher than merely targeting at its sales figures. we strive to deliver quality products on time and give life long services.

Our company utilizes an array of tool centers for quality control such as Government approved design house and software centers.Automated testing rules out the possibilities of man made errors in calibration and measurement.

Key growth drivers summarized under the following pointers

  1. Cautious entry in different segment of instrumentation.
  2. Growth and innovation from within is the anchoring point.
  3. Firm expansion is the foundation builder.
  4. SAP system in management has given grip on the functional and management affairs.
  5. Constant effort to expand dealers network is cause of spread of EAPL name.
  6. The prudent financial management has given EAPL unshakable strength.
  7. Transparent dealing with individuals & institutions is the confidence builder.
  8. Quality of service reflects the commitment.
  9. Safety requirements meeting the standards to make EAPL product, a tension free choice.
  10. Innovative Ideas paves the way for leadership
  11. Quality of aesthetics and convenience makes EAPL a natural choice.
  12. Future vision and present rate of growth assures stability.
  13. Self improvement mechanism in every field to achieve the unending goal of zero defect.
  14. Economics of mass production offers price advantage to the users.
  15. Unflinching loyalties of the employees assures the confirmation of existence.
  16. Strong financial support from investors gives freedom from money sharks.
  17. To increase self –reliance , 60% of the raw materials is created in-house by sister concerns i.e. Kanva Plastics (P) Ltd & Agastya Relays (P) Ltd.
  18. Social commitment reflected in generous help to needy.
  19. A goodwill that is created in 25 years is the mirror reflection of EAPL.

The Company - EAPL

Name of Company Head :
Mr Madhav Kamat, Chairman & MD
Plant location :
#20 KHB, Industrial Area, Yelahanka, Bangalore 560106
Plant Size :
20,000 Sq ft
Date when manufacturing started :
In the year 1984 EAPL designed and manufactured its first electronic timer called A1D1 which revolutionized the Automation market.
What the plant manufactures :
Indigenously developed and manufacturing of Electronic Timers, Energy Management System, Annunciators, Temperature Controllers, Power Supplies.