Electronic Timers

Product Features: 
  • Din sized enclosure for Track (Din rail) / Screw mounting.
  • Front terminal protective cover for safety.
  • LED indication for timing in progress.
  • A1DA :External (zero volt / potential free) command contact for timing initiation.
Over-all: 22.5 X 75 X 102mm (W X H X D).
AMF panels, Automation panels, HT / LT panels, MCC panels, C & R panels, RTCC panels, Transformer panels and many more
Ordering Information: 

*X-Version: 24V AC to 240V AC, 24V DC to 220VDC,

**Minimum 2secs of aux, supply required for each cycle, else timer may malfunction

#TD- Transfer Delay time to change from star to delta