Product Warranty

Warranty Clause

EAPL warranties all products to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of ONE year from the packed date.

EAPL warranty does not apply for fitness of the product to any particular application. User will confirm the suitability of the product for their requirements.

This warrantee stands void under following conditions:

  1. Unit is damaged due to poor handling, poor storage, misuse during installation, wrong connection, wrongly maintained during post installation period or negligence of safety measures prescribed.
  2. Unit is damaged due to natural calamities.
  3. Warrantee sticker is damaged, unit is opened, repaired or internal circuits tampered by user.

EAPL disclaims responsibility for any accidents, commercial loss etc. due to use of our products. User should ensure all precautionary measures, before using the product, to avoid such calamities.

EAPL requests user to use our product in hazardous areas or place where serious risk to life or property is involved only after the system as a whole (where our product is used) has been designed to overcome such risks.

Any failure in product should be immediately reported in writing to our marketing department in Bangalore either by e-mail, post or any other means. The product along with a copy of customer complaint will be sent to our works for our analysis. (Customer complaint form is available on our website) If defects are found due to manufacturing defects like component failure, design failure, etc. attempt will be made first to sort the same in the defective unit and ensure full life of the product thereafter, else the product will be replaced.

The decision for replacement is solely at the discretion of the company management only.

Product specifications chart given is only under laboratory conditions and hence does not constitute warrantee. It can only be used as a guide by the user to determine the suitability for the intended application.

Note: Design and Specifications are subjected to change without notice for improving the product or for any reasons as may be deemed fit by our management.

Dimensions and weight mentioned in our literature is only nominal and should be used only for drafting and not in actual manufacture.


Any product within 4 years from the packed date or year of manufacture as per batch no. which fails due to any reason whatsoever may be sent to EAPL, Bangalore directly (stating the cause of failure if possible) (the same is available on our website under customer complaint). The same will be analyzed for possible of repairs and if repairs are recommended by our analysis report, the same will be repaired free of cost and sent back to the user.


The used units for disposal may be sent to our works in Bangalore for safe disposals