Unik-temp Series

Universal Temperature Controllers

Product Features: 
  • Universal Input (J,K,PT-100) Selectable.
  • Wide Voltage Range.
  • ON / OFF or Self-Tuned Function Selectable.
  • Single / double set point.
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Indication for sensor, funtion and relay status.
  • Compensation offset feature available in TX7-Ua User Friendly Programming through increment / decrement button (TX7-ua)
  • Program enable / disable for sensor, function, hystersis, compensation features in TX7-Ua. Dimension 72x72x128.5
Overall: H3-TX Models -48 x 48 x 115mm, TX7 Models- 72 X 72 X 128mm; EX9 Models- 96 x 96 x 117mm (W x H X D)
Cut-out: H3-TX Models – 46 x 46mm, TX7 Models - 69 x 69mm , EX9 Models – 92 x 92mm (W x H)
Ordering Information: 

*Function applicable only for H3TX-Ua, TX7-Ua, EX9-Ua, H3TX-2U, TX7-2U, EX9-2U and H3TX-Ub         

 ** Offset applicable only for H3TX-Ua, TX7-Ua, EX9-Ua, H3TX-Ub